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[Rabbits] Big Changes in Rabbit Support

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I know most of us probably read this every time it comes out, but just in
case you don't, there is BIG Rabbit news this week:

"But again, what a lot of it comes down to is those pesky Rabbit Points. So
we're turning that whole system off. Without Carol, there'll be no one here
to keep track of what individual rabbits are doing, deciding how many points
to award for this event or that, etc. Therefore, we're not going to give
away any more Rabbit Points. Furthermore, since we can't figure out how to
implement the old Rabbit Point system in Sweetie, we've decided we need to
make the Rabbit Points expire. This means ALL RABBIT POINTS MUST BE REDEEMED

Oh, and I'd say farewell to Carol, but those of us that only "see" her on
list probably won't see her much less. I'm sure we'd have to tie her down to
keep her off-list, whether working in official capacity or not. :) 


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this week in our news...

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