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Re: [Rabbits] New Rabbit Wiki (was Scientific Fluxx)

  • From"Nimrod Jones" <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 29 Jun 2007 17:21:16 +0100
Title: Message

On 29/06/2007 17:03:10, Kristin Looney (rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Thank you to everyone who has already started logging in
> and updating your bio and spending your Rabbit Points!

What with me having no money at the moment, the fact that I can't actually spend my accumulated Rabbit Points to eat up the entire cost of what I want to buy somewhat prohibits me from spending them, at the moment, alas. I understand the reasons, of course...

Let's just hope they don't expire before I get a chance to spend some money. Let's hope I have some money to do so.


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