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[Rabbits] Little Experiments / Prize Support

  • FromKristin Looney <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 29 Jun 2007 16:46:34 -0400
Here is another page that changed due to all these changes that
you may not have noticed yet...

Little Experiments:  <http://www.looneylabs.com/experiments/>

A very big part of the complexity of the Rabbit Point system is
how it is used to distribute promo materials and prize support
to demo rabbits who are running events. Coordinating prize support
might not sound like it should be much work, but it takes more
than you would imagine.  And the current system simply doesn't
scale the way we need it to be able to.

We *will* come up with and launch a new system - we just haven't
designed it yet.  The whole cute little sticker Little Experiment
thing is an AWESOME event, we will bring it back, but we can't
expect you guys to keep running them at your own expense, and
we need to shut down the way we are deciding when/how/where to
send out free supplies...

So, yes, we are suspending our existing prize support options.
BUT - we have something new and exciting that we will make
available to anyone wanting to help promote Fluxx this year:


These will become available after we debut them at Origins...

More details on that in a few weeks...

And we are doing the whole sticker thing at Origins this year!