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RE: [Rabbits] Convention help - DragonCon 2007

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 10 Jul 2007 07:26:48 -0700
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On 7/9/07, Amy LoCurto wrote:
> I was hoping to get some help at Dragon Con.  Anyone attending AND wanting
> to run some games?  I need to let DC know no later than July 22nd if there

Though I will be at DragonCon, I can't say yet if I will be able to commit any time. I need to get a better idea of what Indie RPGs, LARPs, and new release demos are pending; and none of the gaming schedules seem to be published.

[Here it comes, Mr. Cody:]
Does anyone know if they'll make the game schedules visible before this deadline of the 22nd? If not, it makes it kind of all or nothing, on the GMing v Playing decision. I often base my GMing schedule off of other events (particularly LARPs).