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Re: [Rabbits] any tips for the first time?

  • FromKristin Looney <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 28 Jul 2007 10:33:58 -0400
Bob asked us to post this reply for him
(he's on travel and his posts are failing)
From: Robert Winans

Be careful with the treehouse set.
Unless it is somewhere out of reach, a left set tends to disapear.

I have made some nice color prints, with a pocket and leave micro catalogs for people to take.

I also print out some mad lab rabbit business cards and write in the day and times for the demo's

This way, they get to take something with them. So even if they don't show, they may be interested enough to check out the web site.

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--On July 24, 2007  Kimberly Terrill <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

good idea... thanks.... I'll see if I can get anyone to I know to come
(but I really don't have a lot to chose from..LOL)

I'll see who I can find to tag along.. (my 10 yr old already asked to
help me- he's cute- maybe he can bring in some new players...)

I have a couple fliers to post and small table tents that the store owner
can put out if she wants. I was thinking of leaving a Treehouse at the
counter next to the flier, too. (maybe if peole see what will be a part
of the event, they will be interested in attending)

It'll be FLUXX and TREEHOUSE (but i will have  afew other games  with me)


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