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  • FromCheryl Orosz <cherylo@xxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Aug 2007 13:30:34 -0400

You are absolutely right, there are times that I want to have an adult night out too. I personally would rather that was in a coffee shop venue than a bar, but I recognize that mine is not a universal view.

I am not at all sure that one venue with two segregated rooms can survive...it divides the community of patrons and weakens the community that such a place would need to carry it. I think there is possibly demand for both a gamer bar or pub and a family-friendly venue; I'm just not sure one business can serve both needs without highlighting the conflicts between the two impulses.

But, putting that aside, I just didn't like the idea that kids are all poorly-behaved snots who should not be allowed in to stop the adult fun, and the implication that I as an adult would--of course--rather have an 'adult' venue. Those are the points I felt I needed to respond to.


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Cheryl, I totally respect your pov - of course
well-behaved children are to be encouragaged to

I just want to add that sometimes even people
(like me) who have well-behaved gaming kids and
moreover who don't drink *still* want an adult
section.  I'd love to patronize a venue that had
a family-friendly section and a separate adult
section.  Whether the open hours are different or
not doesn't really matter to me - I can either
find a babysitter, cousin/ friend for my kids or
bring them and let them play with others' kids...
but meanwhile I can stay sober and still cuss and
let my hair down.... :)

Hi from the other normally lurking Cheryl... :)

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