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Re: [Rabbits] Adding More Characters to AYAW??

  • Fromshadowspeaker88 <shadowspeaker88@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 17 Sep 2007 18:21:03 -0700 (PDT)
well, I have to say this...I've played the game Lupus in Tabula, for those of you not familar with that games, it's a werewolf game by Mayfair
It has Werewolves and Villagers and a seer, and then special characters for each player over 8 you have
The Possessed: a human character who sides with the werewolves without knowing who they are
The Bodyguard: each night, he choses a character to protect, if that character gets attacked by the werewolves nothing happens, nobody dies
The Freemasons: these are 2 characters who know whom each other is, during the first night they open thier eyes and find each other
The Werehamster: this character is by himself and wins if he is the last player alive, werewolves can not kill him at night, but if the seer points at him he dies, the werehamster can also be lynched during the day
the Mythomaniac: this character is human untill the second night round, then this person opens their eyes and choses a person if that person is a villager, the mythomaniac becomes a villager, if the person they point to is a seer or werewolf the mythomaniac becomes a seer or werewolf.
I'm actual kind of dissappointed knowing there won't be any new characters added to Werewolf, new characters are a lot of fun when done correctly.
I'm surprised at Looney Labs, the hippy game company is usually a lot more relaxed when it comes to making decisions like this (hope nobody gets mad at me for saying that, it's just my opinion)

Maria P <mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In my last AYAW? game at DragonCon this year, I don't think we wolves would've won had there not been a "face hugger" card (or an alien card) that allowed them to silence someone once they died.  It so happened that our face hugger silenced the mason who had figured out myself as a wolf & with only a few killings/lynchings left, the wolves ate the village.  :)  YAY!   :)    The Devil/Satan card is fun to play with.  I usually prefer the basic game myself.  :)

On 9/17/07, Bob Winans <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have done several AYAW demo's and have also used it as a great party game.
The only character I have added has been a character I call the wizard.
But there are very specific conditions for this.
There must either be less then 7 players.
This holds true for each set of 15 as well, if there are 16 to 22 players.
Less then enough for a stand alone village.
Game play follows as normal.
During the night phase, just before dawn, (after the werewolves and seer) the magician can choose one person to protect.
That person may be themselves if they so choose.
If the magician is lucky, he/she will save at least one or two people.
This extends the game play for one or two turns.
As far as allowing people more variety:
Before any cards are passed out, I encourage each player to come up with a unique character/persona for themselves. (Note: I said encourage, not force or require) this usually quells any "boredom" with being a villager again.
I also hand out the AYAW etiquette cards to any new players (or old players for that matter) to help get them in the spirit of the game.
I do have a use for AYAW blanks though. (I LOVE blanks)
Use them in conjunction with the standard cards as character cards. That way no one feels pressure to come up with a persona.
Hand out a sheriff card, a mayor card, beauty queen, etc...

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