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Re: [Rabbits] Adding More Characters to AYAW??

  • From"Rick Castello" <rick@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 17 Sep 2007 19:23:25 -0700 (PDT)
On Mon, September 17, 2007 6:21 pm, shadowspeaker88 wrote:


>   I'm surprised at Looney Labs, the hippy game company is usually a lot more
> relaxed when it comes to making decisions like this (hope nobody gets mad at me
> for saying that, it's just my opinion)

     Personally, I'm not mad about your comment, just wondering if you
     read the same email from Andy that I did... all the way through.

     There's a big difference between being open-minded and being willing
     to compromise in a way that you believe weakens gameplay.

  "We made a whole bunch of little changes to it for the 3rd printing, and
  I've(sic) very pleased with how it stands now. We've talked over the years
  about adding other characters, and we've even playtested a bunch of them,
  but as I've said before, I believe the game is best when played in its pure
  original format."   -Andy Looney (email to list today)

     (and again)

  "I hate sounding like a stuffy old fuddy-duddy, but after playing this game
  a LOT, I remain convinced that the pure game is still the best way to play.
  I understand that players crave more secret roles, and the novelty of
  adding new stuff can be powerfully attractive, but that doesn't mean doing
  so is a good idea."   -Andy Looney (email to list today)

     Andy seemed pretty clear about his desire to preserve the game in the
     form that he feels offers the best gameplay for all players (not just
     those that get a special role card).

     However, even though Andy said he feels this way, he's STILL open to
     making blanks for those that insist on playing with special characters.

  "Lastly there's the idea of issuing blanks. I could see this happening,
  though not soon. As I said, I'm sensitive to the fact that there's demand
  for more characters, but my devotion to quality won't allow me to create
  something which I think is a bad idea. That said, if people are so
  determined to add more characters to the game that they're doing so by
  writing on existing cards with Sharpies, well, then I guess we ought to
  make it a little easier on them by making AYAW? blanks available. Doing so
  will create an open system, allowing people to take our core game and
  customize it, but without us having to approve or sanction any new
  characters."   -Andy Looney (email to list today)

     Seems pretty open and relaxed to *me*.