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[Rabbits] Extend IGDC Judging?

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 18 Sep 2007 10:42:13 -0700
OK, folks!

The Ice(house) Game Design Competition judging SHOULD have concluded
last night at midnight local (i.e. my) time. [FYI, the rules NOW read
"noon" so I can handle it during the day, rather than on the following

Further, I am rather satisfied by the number of rankings that I have
received (36!).

However, I do not want our first competition in two years to suffer any
claims of being "hurried" or any participants to feel they couldn't have
a voice because they did not have enough time. In particular, a few
folks mentioned that they could not get to all of them, for whatever
reason, and had to submit incomplete rankings. In fact, *I* have not
gotten to all of them and, therefore, won't submit a ranking at all
(that's just how I roll, in spite of the fact that our scoring system
doesn't penalize unranked games).

Therefore, I am asking the Icehouse and the Rabbits list if anyone wants
the judging to be extended by TWO WEEKS, to October 1st at noon. Please
don't replay with "whatever others want" or with "I don't care"--only
reply if you have a firm opinion FOR or AGAINST this extension.

Me? The only negative I see is that the winner of the "Summer 2007" IGDC
will be announced in the fall. Given that the submission and play MOSTLY
will have occurred in summer, I can deal with this seeming disparity.
But I could also see folks being anxious, say, to start providing
feedback while it's fresh (and being unwilling to do so while judging is
going on). I can also see an argument against extension based on the
time we will need to design, submit, and judge for Winter (i.e. every
delay now pushes back its dates, to an extent).

So I will leave it to y'all: IF you care, reply with a YES or a NO to
extending to October 1st. Ideally, also provide a reason FOR or AGAINST
doing so, as that might help those on the fence decide. I will run this
poll for exactly TWO days (so, basically, we get a two day extension for

And folks, remember the "amendment sub-rule" of rule #5 on the wiki: if
you submit a new ranking, I will DELETE your old one; thus, you can
adjust or update your ranking repeatedly. Just be sure that you use the
same e-mail, or else I have to manually associate by name (whereas Gmail
does that for me, with grouping by sender).

I will require a simple majority: even one vote more for or against will
decide it. You have until 2pm Eastern Time on Thursday the 20th to reply
to either list (not to me, please!).

Thanks, all;

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