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I do a lot of travel.

I have not traveled to India, but one of my collogues has traveled there extensively.


Don’t drink ANYTHING except unopened (still sealed) bottled water. (It’s an old adage, but I get sick drinking the water from another state. You’re going half way around the world)

ALWAYS remember that ICE is made with water. (See above)

Brush your teeth with bottled water.

Rinse your toothbrush with bottled water.

NEVER let anyone open a bottle of water for you. (Apparently SOME restaurants refill their bottled water with tap water)

ALWAYS drink directly from the bottle. (again, do you do your dishes in bottled water?)

The spicier the food, the less likely it is to have parasites. (I don’t know how true that statement is, but I can attest that he never got sick)


Don’t wear jeans. Wear pants, shorts, a skirt or dress. (I don’t pretend to understand this, but he said it was cultural)


As too what you want to pack.


Decide what clothes you need for each day: I.E underwear, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, etc.

Now divide the number of items in half.

Make sure the place you are staying has a laundry you can use.


If what you have left will not fit in a carry-on bag, pack two carry-on bags.

You are allowed two carry-on items. (That includes a purse or laptop, or briefcase, or a baby)


If you still do not have enough room for everything, then pack a regular suitcase.

Also bring a carry-on with at least one change of clothing, in case your suitcase is lost. (It has happened to me twice now)


Bring a small pillow with you for the flights. (The airlines do not supply them anymore only a very thin thing that vaguely resembles a blanket) Sleep on the plane, not in the airport.

Pack yourself a lunch, unless you want to eat airport food…


Have a great flight and an awesome adventure!




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I am excited and a bit nervous. and I maynot h ave a suitcase. My husband suggests just a carry-on (for two weeks?) I will be flying by myself and spending the night at the airport in Mumbai(Bombay) before my morning flight to Hyderbad. The overnight layover has me the most nervous. Apperently were two bombing there last month. Or maybe it was New Dehli (we will be there as well). I was too sick this month to get vaccines, so I just have my Maleria medicine.So,I may die anyway and that particular assumption would be accurate.


The kids are staying with Grandma. we can't afford airfare for all 5 of us.




On 9/20/07, Fred Poutre <cloven-fruit@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


I want to go, do you have room in the suitcase for me?

India is a country I have always wanted to visit.


Are you taking the children with you?

Fred Poutre
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