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Re: [Rabbits] Giant Zendo, etc. @ Arisia

  • From"Julia C. Tenney" <tenney@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 15 Jan 2008 17:08:28 -0500
Quoting E Zuckerman (zuckermn@xxxxxxxxx):
> > Our colors: Green, Lilac, Silver and Orange. 
>    Okay, let me get /all/ my kvetching out of the way now, so that I
> can be unperturbed by this at the Con:
>    "Meh."

o ya big whiner. they still work. 

>    I'm done.   %-}   I'm sure that those colors are looking /sharp/,
> freshly touched-up as they are[*].  And I have to wonder if the last
> two were chosen for rhyming purposes.   ;->

(well, only one other person showed up for the touch-ups, mostly what
I got done was sealing the silver ones so they'd stop shedding color
on everyone who touched them, and, I was limited to non-toxic,
non-aerosol paints. so, they probably look less sharp than they did.)

>    I think I saw a picture on their website -- linked from Michael
> Whitehouse's LJ info page at http://fireheart.livejournal.com/profile
> -- that looked like (IIRC) the standard colors.  (Michael Whitehouse
> is the person who's in charge of gaming, making all those posts to
> the Arisia LJ community.)

well, convince him or whoever to bring the pyramids, and you can use
canon colors. (or, get the columbia pyramids up, which means finding
them a ride, and, mneme at least a ride to and from the pyramids' ride.)

>    In my pre-con purchasing, I picked up some (~30 each color) white
> and black balloons at my dollar store (They don't have colored cups
> like Eeyore's does, so I came up with this on the spot.).  Verrrrry
> slightly inflated, with about 3 hex nuts inside for weight, they make
> a decent marking stone. 

do you have hex nuts? let me know if you've forgotten anything once
you're on this coast. I'll try to help as I can, but, I am doing both
arisia and the hunt.

>    I will bring some of my stuff, probably a bag of pyramids, regular
> Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx... anything we don't have?  Maybe I could bring
> the Polyglot Fluxx Assortment (Japanese, German, Spanish), if we
> think there's call for it.  I brought every variety of Fluxx except
> Stoner to LosCon, and people were all about the Zombies... just a
> data point.

Werewolf doesn't take at Arisia, from my experience. 

If you have the right crowd, you can try No Attention Span Fluxx,
which is 3 different fluxx games played by the same people, at once.
(We did it with german, classic and stoner... back in the day.)
Or, Volcanic Wimp-out, which is people playing volcano and
cosmic wimpout at the same time, sometimes with a side fluxx game
thrown in. 

I'm sure the zombies would be a big sell. I've heard tell that they
change the game mechanic enough to make it a new game. I've only
played it once and do not own a copy. However, if you have to limit
your luggage, the local rabbits should be able to cover most of the
published Looney Games. I'm mostly trying to figure out if Brian and
Ronald have any holes in their collections and need me to bring


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