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[Rabbits] Giant Zendo, etc. @ Arisia

  • FromE Zuckerman <zuckermn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 15 Jan 2008 12:51:56 -0800 (PST)
> Our colors: Green, Lilac, Silver and Orange. 
   Okay, let me get /all/ my kvetching out of the way now, so that I
can be unperturbed by this at the Con:


   I'm done.   %-}   I'm sure that those colors are looking /sharp/,
freshly touched-up as they are[*].  And I have to wonder if the last
two were chosen for rhyming purposes.   ;->

> Arisia Giant stashes are non-standard colors, specifically to not
> conflict with the nearby giant stashes that sometimes make it to
> con (i.e. Columbia gamers: Red, Blue, White, Cardboard. I don't
> what colors Phoenix has). 
   I think I saw a picture on their website -- linked from Michael
Whitehouse's LJ info page at http://fireheart.livejournal.com/profile
-- that looked like (IIRC) the standard colors.  (Michael Whitehouse
is the person who's in charge of gaming, making all those posts to
the Arisia LJ community.)

> Ronald or Brian, can you pre-emptively supply black and white cups?
> (or
> something else of that ilk?) 
   In my pre-con purchasing, I picked up some (~30 each color) white
and black balloons at my dollar store (They don't have colored cups
like Eeyore's does, so I came up with this on the spot.).  Verrrrry
slightly inflated, with about 3 hex nuts inside for weight, they make
a decent marking stone.   :-D   Add that to some tabletop-sized
guessing stones (e.g., my polymer clay stones, standard glass stones,
or my Last Guessing Stones of Krypton, if I remember them), and we're
in business.  (Some assembly required, as you might infer.)

> Also, do I need to supply standard sized
> Looney games this year? (e.g., the happy backpack?) Let me know. 
   I will bring some of my stuff, probably a bag of pyramids, regular
Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx... anything we don't have?  Maybe I could bring
the Polyglot Fluxx Assortment (Japanese, German, Spanish), if we
think there's call for it.  I brought every variety of Fluxx except
Stoner to LosCon, and people were all about the Zombies... just a
data point.


P.S.:  * -- ::golf clap for Faboo Julia::


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