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Re: [Rabbits] Care and feeding of chessboard bandanas

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 16 Jul 2009 18:11:46 -0700 (PDT)
Re: bandan(n)a, I've seen it both ways too.  It wouldn't surprise me
if form 3N is the Correct form, since it's easy to see it being 
bastardized to match "banana"... but on the other hand, my 
Webster's II New College Dictionary lists both: "bandanna or bandana"

I felt compelled to comment because the email right above yours in my
inbox was from someone named Vandana  ;-)

I don't remember whether I bought a chessboard bandana and haven't 
used it yet, or just thought about buying one (and didn't) -- but in 
any case I'm interested to hear the recommendations.


>I bought a tie-died chessboard bandana at Origins.  I like it a lot --
>it's a very compact and worry-free way of transporting a board.
>But, I have some question of how to care for it.  It puffs up a bit
>around its original creases, and I'd like to iron it.  However, it has
>excess black paint on several squares, adding some subtle texture like
>a Van Gogh painting (well, Van Gogh was not that subtle with his
>textures).  I wonder if the paint would stick to the iron.
>I guess I have 3 questions:
>1.  What should do about the black paint ridges?  Scrape them off with
>a knife, or dab them with some kind of paint remover, or ignore them,
>or what?
>2.  How shall I wash and dry the bandana when it finally needs it --
>hand wash, or does the paint and coloring hold up well to machine
>3.  How should I iron it to make it lie flat?  Is there any concern
>about the paint coming off?
>PS. My mail program wants me to spell it "bandanna".  Checking at
>sites like dictionary.com, it looks like that is the original
>spelling, but the one with only 2 n's is also listed.
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