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RE: [Chrononauts] Uber Chrononauts

  • From"Seth Ruskin" <rathorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 17 Dec 2005 20:28:36 -0500
When I play (though I play with groups over 2), I've never seen a problem maintaining interest in the timeline/artifacts after someone has completed their ID and Mission. After all, to get 10 cards, you either have to do a bit of timeline patching or artifact selling. And, you still might want to mess up other people's progress, so that they have a harder time winning.

From: Jonathan Cogan <coganjd@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey all - I just got EAC and have been playing around with some ideas for Uber Chrononauts. I have found that the game is a bit more playable if you have a choice of which 3 items to complete to win - for instance, completing both missions and 1 ID could be a "win" situation, rather than discarding the other mission or ID once you have completed the first. This assures that you still maintain some interest in the time line after completing an ID, and in the artifacts after completing a mission. Otherwise, the game tended to get boring - especially when playing 2 players.

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