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RE: [Fluxx] Cake and Robot

  • From"Michael Ciarlillo" <monkeyjamboree@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 27 Oct 2005 09:49:12 -0400
as far as i know, it won't replace it, because the promo counts as either Love or Death, but the new one is just plain old wild flowers... i would use them differently, because you wouldnt give sunflowers for a death in the family, and people usually give roses to lovers, but they are still both flowers. personally, i'd treat them differently. as far as X=X+1 and Inflation goes, it still has that art of "X=X+1" being written on the chalkboard, but the name on the card both sideways and right above the description have changed. In essence they both do the same thing, but the wording on Inflation is clearer than on the Promo card.

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Subject: RE: [Fluxx] Cake and Robot
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> i honestly dont know, but i DO know that Flowers from EcoFluxx is NOT the > same Flowers as the Promo from Flowers anf Fluxx... also, X=X+1 is renamed
> and reworded a bit from the Promo to version 3.1 (dont know about 3.0
> though, dont have that version yet)

Whoops, I was going to ask about Flowers but I forgot.
Does the newer Flowers (outdoor) replace the older Flowers (potted), or do we treat them as two different Keepers (one without Bread/Cookie Power and the other with)?

I haven't seen Inflation from version 3.1 yet, but as far as I can remember X=X+1 is named and worded the same way in version 3.0 as it is on the promo card.

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