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Re: [Fluxx] wooden Fluxx boxes

  • From"Chris Ballowe" <cballowe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 13 Dec 2005 20:56:41 -0800
My boxes are doing OK.  The tall one had some damage on arrival, one of the
bottom staples was too deep and it caused the wood to lift a bit.  There was
also a splitter off the top front.  They were not really enough damage for
me, a rabbit, to really complain.

I just noticed you can put two Fluxx boxes in the Large two different ways.
I had alway placed then on top of each other but from now on, I will be
placing them side by side.

If the tall box was about 3/8" taller and 1/16" deeper, you could fit
Aquarius and Nanofictionary side by side.

For Uberchrononauts, could the box be made deeper instead of taller?

Chris Ballowe
Cheapass Demo Monkey
Looney Labs Demo Rabbit
SJGames MIB#1305

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Subject: [Fluxx] wooden Fluxx boxes

> so...  what do you think of the new Fluxx boxes?
> <http://www.looneylabs.com/OurStores/product.html?ProductID=251>
> we've sold 98 of the Large, and 47 of the Small...
> before I just go order more of the Large (which I will do)
> do you like the sizes?  does anyone wish they had an even larger one?
> should I make one for Uber-Chrononauts?  Yikes that would be tall!
> how are the hinges and latches holding up?
> -Kristin's crave feedback...
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