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Re: [Fluxx] wooden Fluxx boxes

  • FromRussell Grieshop <grieshop@xxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 15 Dec 2005 09:13:34 -0500
My only complaint is that they seem to be really fragile.  I have a game
bag that holds my non-big-board games (Icehouse, Cheapass games, card
games, etc.)
and I would be afraid to put the box in there for fear it would get
crushed or

Appearances can be deceiving. You may think it fragile but I found them quite durable. We got a couple of samples long ago and I carried one around in my go-everywhere white bag, to test the box's strength, and I thought it held up very well. I gave one of my sample boxes to Russell to test in a similar way, and he gave it a thumbs up too. So don't be afraid of using Pandora's Box!

I can second this comment - I've carried mine around quite a bit - several long trips, in luggage, carry-on and checked, and thrown in bags full of other games - and haven't had any problem. The sides are actually made of thin plywood, and they are pretty strong.

Now, I wouldn't try wearing them as clogs or jumping on them (or off them), but I don't think you need worry about sturdiness problems...

(says he who *FINALLY* received his box from Essen - and was AMAZED at just how much damage a cardboard box full of games can take - I had two pyramid tubes tucked in a space just big enough for them to fit, with about an inch above them, and when I opened up the box, the pyramids in *both* tubes had been roughly evenly distributed... I can't imagine the shaking this box might have taken. I suspected that they'd shipped it via kayak, given how long it took, but given how shook up it was, I'm now thinking they shipped it via a windsurfer or a kangaroo... wow... Don't worry, though, my games were mostly okay...)


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