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I read also what Dan said earlier and I agree - and just want to add the thought that definition of "hand" needs to stay consistent. When the card says "set your hand aside" you set the cards you had been holding down onto the table. They still are your hand, even though you are not holding them. Therefore it doesn't matter where that group of cards is - they are still your "hand."

Therefore, wherever that group of cards is, you need to check to see how many cards are there - if it's zero, then you draw cards for the no hand bonus. If you have at least 1 card in your hand - wherever that is - then you don't.

that's the way I look at it, anyway - ymmv


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I was teaching Fluxx to one of my friends I met in Japanese class (unfortunately i currently only have the english version, but i digress...), and he interpereted the "No Hand Bonus" rule oddly. He interpereted it to mean that if you dont have any cards in your hand at all at the start of your turn (meaning they could be laying on the table, or somewhere OTHER than in your hand), then you could draw an extra "hand" of 3 cards before you draw for the current draw rule... i tried to explain to him that this would cause the game to be very odd and not work right, but he insisted that he wanted to play like that.  Could this be a way of playing? could it be that if you are just not holding cards when it's not your turn, you get to ignore the hand limits and other 'hand' rules? 
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