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    The only bad thing: I have 28 keepers (I cut it down from 42) and each
band has about 4 goals associated with it. That's about 100 cards right
there. Add in the actions and new rules and I have one huge deck. 
So my question is, "About how many cards do you have in your Fluxx deck and
how many are keepers / goals / new rules / actions?" I just wanted to see
how the other Fluxx players built their decks.

I used to have a deck that I called "Version 2.3" because it was 2.1 plus
several packs of Blanxx to boost the weaker Keepers (the ones that got
dropped in 3.0 ), a couple of Chrononauts tie-ins, all the Elements from
Aquarius, and some other weird stuff like the "Atomic Toaster"
It had around 120 cards, which made it hard to shuffle.

When 3.0 came out I decided to dismantle my 2.3 deck and just play a
straight 3.0 deck.
Eventually, though, I started tinkering with 3.0/3.1 by removing the cards I
didn't like and adding ones from other versions like "Hand Limit 3" (from
2.1) and "Keeper Limit 1" (from EcoFluxx).
That's when I changed the Basic Rules (it has a smaller version of "No-Hand
Bonus" built into it).

One day (after wondering how to deal with "Goal Bloat") I decided to put the
Keepers and Goals into one giant loop.
Except for "10 Cards in Hand" and "5 Keepers" each Goal needs two Keepers,
and except for "Doppelganger" each Keeper is part of only two Goals.
I brought back the Keepers from 2.1 and even a couple "from the future"
("Book" and "Cake" from Fluxx Reduxx) to help close the loop.
Having all the Keepers (except "Doppelganger") be equally powerful and
having "Doppelganger" be obviously the most desirable makes it harder for
new players to unknowningly play a weak Keeper instead of a strong one.

I also bulked up the Action and New_Rule populations to make them about the
same as the Keepers and New_Rules.
The version I'm running now is "Version AR" since it no longer looks similar
enough to any one version.
It has 105 playable cards: 26 Keepers, 27 Goals, 28 Actions, and 24
The list will be in my next posting.

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