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Re: [Fluxx] new Holy Fluxx pitch pages

  • From"Daniel W. Johnson" <panoptes@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 21 Nov 2006 15:25:42 -0500
At 13:16 -0600 2006-11-21, Timothy Hunt wrote:
OK, I'm a new Rabbit, so please excuse me if what I say has been
repeated elsewhere...

Who is that page aimed at?  is it for the punter or retailer?

I'm guessing the retailer, given the "buy it" link goes through to a
page that suggests a display set.  However, in my opinion, it looks
like that first page is suggesting "Hey, buy Christian Fluxx - only $2
(just look at the price circle on the info card)" and then the next
page it's much more clear that you need to buy a Fluxx deck too.  But
if I were a retailer, what's the incentive for me to buy a $2
expansion for $2?  I can't mark it up, as the price is listed on the
expansion itself.  But I also may not have any idea how well it might
sell, and thus not be tempted to get the display box.  ANd what's the
size of the display box?  Maybe it wouldn't work with my set up.  If
you really are aiming it at retailers, they need some incentive to be
able to make their first purchase worth it.

Something that isn't stated on those particular pages is that retailers ordering directly from Looney Labs get a discount off the SRP with a minimum order of $100, and they can apparently see the discounted price on the order pages. (40% off? 50% off? I'm not a retailer, so I wouldn't know.)

One suggestion that I would make involves the title of the Jewish Fluxx page; it currently says "Christian Fluxx" at the top of my browser window. Also, for the benefit of people new to the game, it might be good to have a link from the specific pages to the general Fluxx page.
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