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  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 29 Dec 2006 06:01:47 -0500
How does deflation interact with the basic rules?

Aside from that, I really like a bunch of your cards.

The only one I've come up with is

The (mad*) Rabbit:
Counts as either two keepers or two cards in hand.

* I guess it also counts as a rabbit for ecofluxx, I added the mad part to differentiate.


On 12/28/06, James Hazelton <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good evening.

My name is James and I just joined the Fluxx discussion list.  I've been on the Icehouse list for a few months and I decided to branch out.  I've been spending my evening adding a few new cards to my deck--scientifically, of course.  The first thing I did was go through the deck and figure out what is lacking.  I fear the original ratio of card types will be impossible to regain, since Keepers and Goals are infinitely easier to make than Actions and New Rules.  In any case, today I wanted to finish a few key things: Add new Goals for the set of Holy Keepers and attach them to other Keepers that are also low on Goals; make some new double-keepers to keepers that don't do much to the game already; finally create the antithesis of my favourite New Rule; and add a few interesting Actions to round out the deck.  Below are the fruits of my labour.

Light Sources
Christmas and Easter
(Cross/Any Tree)
Barry Manilow

John Lennon

(Counts as Peace or Dreams)
The Time Machine
(Counts as Time or the Rocket)

New Rule:


Play All Now

(Play all cards in hand this turn)
(Search discard for Keeper and add to hand)
Find Your Special Rule
(As Choose a New Rule, but draw pile only)

All my cards are hand written and drawn.  The John Lennon picture is modeled after Yellow Submarine.  The Time Machine... didn't come out too well.  Neither are quite as nice as my Music Keeper (as mentioned in one of the above goals), in which I sketched the Dark Side of the Moon image featuring cross-hatching with a very, very fine Micron pen.  Nothing too original this time, however.  I just wanted some new cards for next week.  My (small) Pandora's box has room for about 2 more cards now, so I'll need to upgrade if I want to make any more.


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