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Re: [Fluxx] mega-flux

  • From"mice r.r." <miceland@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 25 Jun 2007 02:55:28 -0700
I submit to you a list of Fluxx Blanxx for my Mega-Fluxx deck.

At this point it is not a Mega-Fluxx deck any longer.

It uses cards from nearly all of the decks. I have used these Blanxx
to stich the decks together.

I am not settled on what is in and what isn't in this new deck.

I am using cards from 2.1-3.1 as a base.

I have added the Christian Booster

And as many Promos as I can. The out of print Promos I have made my
own version of.

I have added some Family Flux cards as seemed appropriate. Same with
Eco Fluxx. If I can make a bridging Goal then I can put in the keeper.
If not, they do not get just dumped in.

Here is there listing.


I will make these available in Photoshop pending Andy's approval.


On 6/22/07, mice r.r. <miceland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After trying in vain to do everything I could think of to print
directly on the cards I have decided that is not gong to work so well.

I just bout some clear full page Avery-like sticky labels from Office Depot.

I will let you all know how that goes.

So since the labels are clear there is no re-using cards. Its a
terrible idea anyway. I have plenty of blanxx stocked up so no worries

I will be sending you all my designs shortly.

The goals in this deck are out of control. I am working on thinning
them down. Its sort of like a 7 deck shoe at this point. Too much.


On 5/22/07, Chris Kice <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Stickers - you barbarian!  :)
> If you don't mind stickers on the cards, it sounds like that would be a good
> use for the ton of extra cards you are going to have after you combine the
> decks.
> I love the vampire keeper!  (Van Helsing is a great goal as well...)
> If your deck is getting very Goal Knd keeper heavy, you might want to
> consider adding some Rules or Actions to help balance it.  Once you start
> adding promos and new Goals that utilize them, the cards start piling up.
> (Here is my Keeper/Goal matrix:
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pRiNl1veKlO1Kbc4fMPZxYQ)
> I have an Action called "Aimless" that lets you discard all Goals and a
> "Keeper Limit 0" Rule.  Both help to keep the game moving when everyone has
> nothing but Keepers and Goals in their hand.  (I also stole the "Food
> Poisioning" rule from someone here on the list - "If Poison is on the table,
> no food Keeper may be used to fulfill any Goal.")
> Chris
> On 5/22/07, mice r.r. <miceland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I have ordered a Fluxx Espanol and I will be using my rudimentary
> > Spanish skills to translate Fiesta, Fiesta Bonus, The Wedding, (Happy
> > Birthday is part of Family Fluxx I believe.)
> >
> > Also included will be the promo cards making my own renditions when
> necessary
> >
> > I was thinking though about the lack of blanks.
> >
> > If you use the sticker method (which i am trying not to). I fyou are
> > really desperate, just buy a regular pack and stick your stickers on
> > them. Or is that defiling a perfectly good flux deck?
> >
> > Also somehow I gotta make some sort of Vampire Keeper to go with my
> > Cross Keeper. Maybe the Goal would be Van Helsing?
> >



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