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Re: [Fluxx] Card readings w/ Fluxx decks

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 28 Sep 2007 14:33:59 -0600
Fluxx 3.1 has over 80 cards. A Tarot deck only has 77. There are
technically enough cards, however, doing something like this would
require a solid definition of what each card means, or some way to
divide the cards into both; A Major Arcana (the 21 suitless cards) and
a Minor Arcana (the four suits, 56 cards total).

Would you turn the basic rules into something like "The Fool" or
"Death", if they were a major arcana? That might mean that other Basic
Rules become the other Major Arcana. I know, that might throw a lot of
people off who wanted to forecast with "2 of Play" and "5 of Draw" as
minor Arcana... There seems to be enough action cards to turn one into
each major arcana, but depending on what deck you're playing with,

This list encompasses card counts for everything short of Zombie,
Holy, and Flower fluxxes.
That might help if you're trying to make Fluxx into something different...

What else might help is getting Looney Labs to print Blanxx labelled
"Cups, Swords, Wands, Pentacles, and Arcana". ;)
Then we could draw our own tarots. ^_^