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RE: [Fluxx] Creepers and Everybody Gets 1

  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 14 Oct 2007 02:15:44 -0700
It's actually right in the rules insert.
"for exampe, with 'Everybody Gets 1' you must keep all Creepers you get
while drawing the cards you'll be giving to other players."

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On 10/11/07, David Schuetz <david@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > When you play Everybody Gets 1, what happens if one of the cards you
> > draw is a Creeper?  Do you play it and draw a replacement, or can you
> > give it to another player who must then play it (and not draw a
> > replacement, since he did not draw it)?  I guess the question is, does
> > drawing cards as part of Everybody Gets 1 count as "holding" cards?
> My answer may depend on the wording of "Everybody Gets 1," but I'd say
> it's not your zombie.  The main point of that action is you get to give
everybody a
> card from the deck, and you get to choose which ones.

Certainly that is the main point, but that isn't what it says.  The
card explicitly tells you to draw X cards and distribute them, rather
than telling everyone else to draw in a sequence you select.

> Flip it around -- if it said "everybody else has to draw and keep one
card" they'd
> obviously go to the other players, creepers and all, so this is exactly
> situation but with the bonus that you get to decide who gets what.

The key difference there, of course, is the change in who's doing the
drawing.  I agree that a card phrased that way would inflict the
zombie on the hapless person who draws it, but that's not what
Everybody Gets 1 says or does.

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