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[Fluxx] First hand report of Zombie fluxx play

  • From"Virden, Larry W." <lvirden@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Oct 2007 11:04:56 -0400
Last week, one of my great friends stopped by and handed me a deck of
Zombie Fluxx with the words "Merry Christmas".
Thus initiated my slide into the nightmare world of Zombie Fluxx :-D .

My 16 yr old son and I played a couple of hands Friday night after
returning from the local high school football game. So it was late, we
were tired, and it was exactly the setting for a bizarre game like this.

The first thing my son mentioned were the colored Keeper cards - he
really liked that.

What I noticed was that it seemed like our card hands were larger than
the normal Fluxx (2.1) that we play. I mean, we love to play inflation,
etc. in normal fluxx - but it would be frightening to play that sort of
card in ZF. The Draw 5 card by itself would ramp things up.

With the addition of the creepers (which in the ZF deck itself are all
Zombies, right?) the playing area is chaotic - one has creepers,
keepers, discard pile, draw pile, and then there are the ton of new
rules. Since none of the new zombie related rules appear to conflict
with one another, that means one might have a dozen new rules in play at
any one time.

There was one card with a grammatical error on it - a couple of words
were reversed. Alas, I didn't make a note of the card. I believe it was
an action card (are those the green striped cards?)

The first round my son won, I believe. The second round he plotted and
executed an "everyone loses" scenario just for the fun of it.

All in all, the game is quite fun. I was thinking about the huge thread
earlier this month about sequencing of events when trying to figure out
when to kill off the zombies during a "turn".

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