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[Fluxx] letting them win

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Oct 2007 20:54:49 -0400

--On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 "Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd recommend for demo rabbits that you get used to holding on to
goals that will end the game, so that if your players start to look
at their watches or get otherwise restless, you can "free" them.

This is a skill that it often takes new demo rabbits a while
to get their brains around...   you are so used to playing a
game to win - but when you demo, you are playing to help make
sure the people learning understand the game and have a good
time. I always try to make someone other than me win in a demo.

(It was great to see you this weekend Eeyore - thanks for hanging
out and playing Zombie Fuxx with all those scary zombies!)