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  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 11 Aug 2008 19:15:16 -0500

On 8/11/08, Bryan Stout <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Second, and more important, I strongly prefer the strict order of turn steps: Draw, Play, Hand Limit, Keeper Limit.


This is a great MetaRule possibility.  Andy talked about them in his "What's Next" seminars at Origins... the upshot being that there is a rule that is put out onto the table at the beginning of the game - and never goes away.  It affects the entire game and everyone in it.  He hasn't said anything about it on the website but he was talking about it at Origins, so I don't think I'm letting too much out of the bag.

I see lots of House Rules being codified into MetaRules.  The strict order of turn steps can very easily become one of them.


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