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Re: [Fluxx] Editorial Suggestions for Zombie Fluxx reprint

  • From"Bryan Stout" <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 14 Aug 2008 01:53:02 -0400
Here is a list of editorial things you might wish to change for the Zombie Fluxx reprint. Many of these have been mentioned on this list already.

And here are suggestions I've remembered since then:

-- Dead Friends: Add the phrase so it says "All Friend Keepers *on the table* are now treated as if they are actually Creepers".

-- I Alone Survived: Add an icon of the Friends crossed out, to emphasize visually that you cannot fulfill this Goal with a Friend Keeper. (Perhaps the Car picture can be reduced in size to make room for that, and the Friends can be reduced as well.)

-- Many cards used "Creeper" and "Zombie" as synonyms, and need to be reviewed to clarify if they are referring to Zombie Creepers or Creepers in general. Andy is the only one who knows how these should end up, knowing what's planned for Creepers in Monty Python or Martian Fluxx or beyond. But, these are my guesses at how they should be changed (or not):

- Change "Creeper" to "Zombie Creeper": Zombie Season, Zombie Victory, No Zombies, probably Pair of Zombies.

- Probably leave "Creeper" unchanged: Zombie Jamboree, Return of the Dead, ...and Stay Dead!

- Could go either way ( change "Creeper" to "Zombie Creeper", or leave unchanged): The Shotgun, Weapon Bonus, Groaning Required.

 - Change "Zombies" to "Creepers": Let's Shamble!

 - Change "Zombies" to "Zombie Creepers": Look, Over There!