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[Fluxx] Combining various Fluxx editions

  • FromDaveSter64@xxxxxxx
  • DateMon, 8 Dec 2008 14:55:33 EST
I recall a few posts recently (well, within the last few months) regarding combined Fluxx games.
Besides '5 Keepers' or '10 Cards In Hand' what other Keepers would be ideal for combined games?
I have some thoughts on new Keepers:
'6 Keepers'-just like 5, but requiring 6, obviously. Maybe also '7 Keepers'? And maybe 6 should be spelled out to avoid Inflation affecting it.
'Keeper Variety Pack'-requires Keepers from 2 different sets (one Eco and one Zombie, for instance.)
'Zombies of the Round Table'-requires a Knight of the Round Table, and 2 or more Zombies Creeper cards. This one is (of course) used for combined games involving MPF & ZF.
'Martians and Zombies and Knights, oh my!'-would require a Knight of the Round Table, a Zombie, and a Martian. Obviously not needed until Martian Fluxx comes out.
I'm sure there are other ideas we could come up with, or maybe someone already has?