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Re: [Fluxx] Combining various Fluxx editions

  • From"Vincent Povirk" <madewokherd+8cd9@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Dec 2008 00:14:06 -0600
I'd like to point out among the Fluxx Blanxx lists
the bottom three are generated by a script that scans the regular
(listed by card type) pages. In particular, there is a list of cards
that fit in specific decks:

(As an aside, you might want take a look at the goal cards in the "Any
deck" category.)

That script's source code is here:

The ugly mess that is the source code builds a list of cards (along
with the text of the blanxx cards) and creates a database of which
cards mention which other cards in their text. To form the "Any deck"
list, it searches for cards that have some text but mention no other
card names. For "Any fluxx deck", it looks for cards whose text
mentions at least one card, where every card mentioned is in all
current fluxx decks (naturally, this list will change as soon as I get
a deck list for fluxx 4.x, taking it from an actual deck if
necessary). For the others, it checks similarly for the individual
lists but excludes the contents of the "Any fluxx deck" list.

Anyway, might there be something else I can do with this data that
would be useful for combined decks? The obvious thing would be to look
at deck combinations and search for cards that mention a card that is
in each deck (but not the same one).

Vincent Povirk