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Re: [Fluxx] Nothing to draw

  • FromAniLocatN@xxxxxxx
  • DateSun, 11 Jan 2009 14:12:22 EST
1. Situation activates. No cards in Draw, no cards in Discard. You have Lets Take Another Turn and Hand Limit 0 in hand.
2. You play Lets Take Another Turn.
3. Lets Take Another Turn is discarded.
4. You shuffle it back into the empty deck.
5. You draw Lets Take Another Turn.
6. - 200. See #2-#5
201. Play Hand Limit 0.
202. Everyone's hand is discarded.
203. All cards are placed into the discard.
204. The discard is shuffled in.
205. You now have 20 turns in a row to attempt to win with all available cards.

XD Won't happen, but it's a funny scenario.

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