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Re: [Fluxx] Multi-deck Fluxx: rules to make it work!

  • FromBryan Stout <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 7 Mar 2009 09:12:58 -0500
Thinking about my posting last night, I want to try a simplification
of the half-Goal rule:

Players win if they have two specific Items required in front of you
by any current Goals.

This drops the requirement that the Goal itself have two such Items in
it.  So, looking at the examples I had before:

- Bedtime.  Sleep or Time may count toward a win.

- War=Death.  War or Death may count.

- We're All All Right!  Either Friend may count -- their pictures are
on the card.

- All You Need Is Love.  Love may count.

- Brain (No TV).  The Brain may count, Television may not -- it's
required to be off the table.

- Bears Eat Fish.  Bears counts, Fish doesn't, since it's not required
to be in front
of you, just anywhere on the table.

- Party Snacks.  The Party, Cookies, Bread or Chocolate may count --
their pictures appear on the card.

- Knights of the Round Table.  Nothing counts, since the Knights are
mentioned as a class, with no individual Keeper specified.

I hope this makes it simpler to explain yet still makes for a fun
game.  I'll playtest it myself, and look forward to any results you

Any questions?