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Re: [Fluxx] Rules debate on BGG: Tie with Creepers?

  • From"Daniel W. Johnson" <panoptes@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 30 Jul 2009 20:57:43 -0400
At 09:15 -0400 2009-07-30, Bryan Stout wrote:
There is an interesting rules question at boardgamegeek.com.  The
question is: what if there is a tie for the winning condition, but one
of the tying players has win-preventing Creepers?  Does that negate
the tie -- leaving only one clear winner -- or not?

There are good arguments on both sides.  Here is the link:
http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/427429 .  What do *you* think?

Whatever we all think, I wish to invoke the Creator of the game to
enlighten us further.  He has apparently been busy, though, so I just
want to put it on his to-do list, not necessarily put it at the top.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Thanks to promo cards like Cake and The Robot, it is possible to have a "multiple victory" without actually having any cards that explicitly allow for this possibility. I actually asked Andy about this once, and his answer was that the game continues until there is a single winner.

So, consider a case in which the goal is Toast, two players have Cake and Bread split between them, and the same two players have The Toaster and The Robot split between them. The game continues as mentioned. Then one of them draws a Creeper with the "you don't win" clause. The player with that Creeper is no longer a "winner", so the other player wins.

Now, look at the case of the "10 Cards in Hand" goal being active when two players have 10 cards. This looks like just a special case of the situation I just described. The text about one player having more cards than the other is therefore another way to get a clear winner, not a way to make the game last longer. Then if one of those gets/has a "you don't win" Creeper, they get excluded from victory and the other player wins. Even if the player with the Creeper actually had more cards.
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