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Re: [Icehouse] [Homeworlds].....Huh? Pwease help!

  • From"Frank F. Smith" <FrankSmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 9 Jan 2006 09:07:28 -0500 (EST)
> Ok. I'm trying to run down the list of Icehouse games, so I'm ready for
>  the 'Con in Feb.
>   I _REALLY_ would like to figure out how to play Homeworlds, but for 
> the life of me, every time i read the rules, i get more confused.
>   I need a step-by-step explanation for everything AFTER I hand out 
> Good/Evil markers to players.

Try Andy's description of a game at

Although it's for Binary Homeworlds, it should be helpful in figuring out
the n-player version as well.

>   Also, some specific questions, like, how do i define the boundaries
>   of a player's area..or quadrant, or...whatever it was called(i can't 
>   remember)?

No boundaries. Player's "territory" is simply whatever stars s/he controls
by having ships in that system. Since there is no requirement that only one
player have ships in a system, "territories" can overlap.

>  Well...really, that was the biggest question.
>  Someone just walk me through it, Pwease?
>   If you'd like to refrain from clogging up the dis. list, feel free to
> e-mail me directly
>  Regards
>  Michael~The Annoying Rabbit~
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