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Re: [Icehouse] [Homeworlds].....Huh? Pwease help!

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Ok.... you can move to any type of star system you wish (as long aas it has different star(s) from the one your ship is currently in. Your ships ALWAYS point away from you (that is how you know they are yours. go take a look at this game that just got started...


I am Kermit. I have moves a ship from my homeworld (the one with my username) to the namor system. I did this by 'discovering' a new star system with a green ship i used the yellow star in my homeworld to do this. you will notice the namor system also has a yellow star meaning i could move that ship again. Since the ship in the namor system is green i could build another ship and then move that instead. Also read the comments in that game as my opponents are mostly newbies and I am dispensing free advice.

On 1/9/06, third200@xxxxxxx <third200@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok.  So you're homeworlds space is the area immediatly around the
homeworld icehouse pieces.
So, how do you travel away from your homeworld, and discover new
"planets" or systems or whatever when you can only move to the same
type of star system?

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   > Ok. I'm trying to run down the list of Icehouse games, so I'm ready
>  the 'Con in Feb.
>   I _REALLY_ would like to figure out how to play Homeworlds, but for
> the life of me, every time i read the rules, i get more confused.
>   I need a step-by-step explanation for everything AFTER I hand out
> Good/Evil markers to players.

Try Andy's description of a game at

Although it's for Binary Homeworlds, it should be helpful in figuring
the n-player version as well.

>   Also, some specific questions, like, how do i define the boundaries
>   of a player's area..or quadrant, or...whatever it was called(i
>   remember)?

No boundaries. Player's "territory" is simply whatever stars s/he
by having ships in that system. Since there is no requirement that only
player have ships in a system, "territories" can overlap.

>  Well...really, that was the biggest question.
>  Someone just walk me through it, Pwease?
>   If you'd like to refrain from clogging up the dis. list, feel free
> e-mail me directly
>  Regards
>  Michael~The Annoying Rabbit~

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