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Re: [Icehouse] What about Volcano?

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Are the magenta pyramids totally not going to be made now?
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Grey pyramids! Woot
On Feb 26, 2006, at 9:25 AM, Kristin Looney wrote: 
> --On February 25, 2006 Billy Brahma wrote: 

>> Please please please do not kill the single color pyramids 
>> distrubution!!!! 
>> Think of Volcano... 
>> Right now to play it costs 48 bucks... 
>> with the new method.. it will cost almost 80! 
>> We now have a heavily demo'd game from the past we can no longer >> in good 
>> conscience Demo! please reconsider this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

> Hi Billy! (and everyone else on the Icehouse list) 

> We are concerned about Volcano too... and are working on several > ideas to make sure the game can be purchased without having to buy > 5 of both color sets of the Treehouse sets. 

> But keeping the stash tubes in distributions isn't the answer. 

> The fact that something is in distribution does not make it > available in stores. If only it was that easy! Right now there > are very few stores around the country that sell the pyramids in > stash tubes, our largest distributor orders a half dozen of each > color on each restock. They simply are not selling. 

> So what are we doing about Volcano? 

> First, there is the 11th color of pyramids we just made. The fine > folks at KLON just made a whole bunch of little opaque grey > pyramids! Our mold makes 3 pyramids at a time, one of each size - > and we had them cut off just the smalls, and grind up the other two > sizes and the runners and toss them back into the mold again. Over > and over again. Until we had 5000 little grey pyramids - which will > make 1000 copies of a new little product called 'Volcano Caps'. > (The last time through the mold, we kept the medium and large grey > pyramids - so we will also have full stashes of grey pyramids > coming out soon as a Dangling Carrot exclusive.) 

> 'Volcano Caps' will only be available in our Short Run Depot at > first - but if you have a local store that is selling the pyramids, > and wants to sell Volcano, they can get it from us at a 40% > discount. (They can get the single color stashes too.) So Rabbits > can either direct new Volcano fans to our web site to buy the caps, > or talk to your local game store and make sure they know about our > Short Run Depot. 

> Second, Andy started searching the house yesterday for other things > that might be used as caps for Volcano... so he could mention in > the 3HOUSE book that Volcano can be played with 5 Treehouse sets + > 5 of "something you should have on hand". Little 1 pip Lego pieces > works quite well, and my thought was Cherrioes - but it would be > really hard not to pop them in your mouth and eat them. :) > Anybody have any other ideas? A little ball of playdough poked > onto the pyramid would make a pretty functional cap... 

> Anyway... trust me when I say we care about Volcano. Getting > Treehouse selling in stores is the best step towards the larger > mold and the boxed Volcano set that we will publish eventually (and > put into distribution and into stores everywhere)... but first we > need to build up the demand for the pyramids - and simplifying the > message, with this change in the way the pyramids are purchased in > stores, is an excellent path towards this goal. 

> Please look around your house and think about what else could be > used for Volcano caps! 

> Thanks for playing and promoting pyramid games! 

> -Kristin (of the Looney variety) 

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