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RE: [Icehouse] What about Volcano?

  • From"A Ross" <adross@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 27 Feb 2006 23:08:46 -0700
> Beads with large holes (possibly pony beads?)
> Little 1 pip Lego pieces
> Please look around your house and think about what else could be used for
Volcano caps!

Well, the two things I've found most suitable were already listed above -
- 1x1 gray Lego pieces
- Doughnut-shaped beads (14mm OD, 4mm ID, 5mm thick)

One good thing about using Legos or beads is that they remind the players
that the volcano caps do not also count as small pieces, and so they cannot
capture (or be captured by) another small piece.

-------(abrupt change to another Icehouse topic)-------

I'm sad to hear that the newest color is going to be opaque.
I personally don't care for the opaque pieces because if a medium or large
opaque piece (white, black, or gray) is standing up on the table you can't
tell if there are any smaller pieces underneath it without lifting it up (or
looking under the table if you happen to have a glass tabletop).

I've been hoping to see "milk white" and "smoke black" pieces.
The "milk white" pieces would be clear, but with a bit of cloudiness to it -
in other words, it's white but you can still see through it.
The "smoke black" pieces would actually be more of a dark-dark-gray and be a
little darker than the (dark) blue pieces. 
I figure if I wait long enough either I'll be able to buy them or I'll try
to make some myself out of two clear stashes (I'd rather buy them).