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Re: [Icehouse] What about Volcano in the world of Treehouse?

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  • DateMon, 27 Feb 2006 23:07:29 -0500
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Subject: [Icehouse] What about Volcano?
First, there is the 11th color of pyramids we just made. The fine folks at KLON just made a whole bunch of little opaque grey pyramids! Our mold makes 3 pyramids at a time, one of each size - and we had them cut off just the smalls, and grind up the other two sizes and the runners and toss them back into the mold again.

What? I would have though they could just block off the large and medium parts of the mold. Well they're the experts.

Over and over again. Until we had 5000 little grey pyramids - which will make 1000 copies of a new little product called 'Volcano Caps'. (The last time through the mold, we kept the medium and large grey pyramids - so we will also have full stashes of grey pyramids coming out soon as a Dangling Carrot exclusive.)

I don't suppose you could just stick one grey pyramid in each Treehouse set, could you? What, you don't think 5 larges, 5 mediums, 6 smalls and a d6 fit in a tube? Well let me lay some pixels on ya: http://www.ryanker.com/Looney/IMG_0529.JPG

If Treehouse were to come with the extra cap then it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect the consumer to make their own board. But if you're going to make a Volcano completer set, then I think it's kinda cheesy to NOT include a board too. ("You already bought five Treehouse sets -- now this Volcano Caps product will give you everything you need to play Volcano... except the board.")

If someone gets only one Treehouse set, what could they do with a single Volcano cap? I suppose it could be used as a turn marker. If you buy three sets to play Binary Homeworlds, then you can use one of them as the turn marker.

Another random thought:
Has it been decided whether Treehouse dice will have numbers, either alone or with the Treehouse actions? If so, you should see if you can get the dice in a variety of colors. If someone is going to get five Treehouses in order to play Volcano, the dice might as well be the right colors to play Blockade too.

What would be REALLY cool for Blockade dice would be two dice that each have one cool color and one warm color, so that both players can use the same two dice. One could be red/green marbled and the other blue/yellow marbled. (something like... http://www.unclesgames.com/product_info.php?ref=3&products_id=7696&affiliate_banner_id=1 only more evenly divided between the two colors.)

And lastly...
IF IT WERE ME, I would stagger the introduction of the Rainbow and Xeno Treehouse sets. Why? There's been a bit of talk about convincing consumers to buy multiple sets (2House, 3House). But if they misunderstand and get two Rainbows and one Xeno (for the sake of variety) they're basically screwed. Sure, they can play Martian Chess (even for four), but Binary Homeworlds and three-player IceTowers are out of reach. Besides, the Binary Homeworlds rules specifically mention absolute colors. Not only do you have to get three of the same set, but you need three _Rainbow_ sets to play that "correctly". Better to limit the people's choices so they're less apt to make a choice that would leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Heck, I'd even keep the Xeno set in the same available-but-invisible distribution channels as the single-color stashes and leave the Rainbow set to be the flagship product that gets sent to stores. Yes, make Rainbow "the" Treehouse set and make Xeno "the other" Treehouse set.