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Re: [Icehouse] What about Volcano?

  • FromLaurie Menke <laurie_menke@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 26 Feb 2006 09:03:16 -0800 (PST)
1.  Round candies (such as Lifesavers)
2.  Other round cereals (such as Froot Loops)
3.  Coins with holes (Japanese yen, subway tokens)
4.  Grommets (may have in tool chest, or cut off tarp
or pencil case)
5.  Popped off computer keyboard keys
6.  Some pen caps (such as highlighters)
7.  Some bottle caps (hotel hand lotion, dishwashing
soap, shampoo)
8.  Hoop earrings/noserings/other piercings
9.  Finger/toe rings (you can get a ton of kids'
plastic ones for pennies)
10.  Small rubber bands (office supplies or
11.  Pencil erasers and other "toppers"
12.  Hollow game pieces (such as some chess pawns)
13.  Cut rings or squares with holes out of plastic
canvas, felt, or cardboard
14.  Tie yarn, ribbon, embroidery floss, or string
into a ring shape
15.  Washers or nuts for bolts
16.  Beads with large holes (possibly pony beads?)
17.  Include reproducible patterns for paper pyramids
in the 3HOUSE book (they could even just trace the
image by laying regular paper over the top if they
don't have access to a photocopier).  It may seem like
that would encourage not purchasing the actual pieces,
but I think it would help hook them on the 4+ stash
games so that they wanted to complete their sets.

--- Kristin Looney <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Second, Andy started searching the house yesterday
> for other things that 
> might be used as caps for Volcano...  so he could
> mention in the 3HOUSE 
> book that Volcano can be played with 5 Treehouse
> sets + 5 of "something you 
> should have on hand".  Little 1 pip Lego pieces
> works quite well, and my 
> thought was Cherrioes - but it would be really hard
> not to pop them in your 
> mouth and eat them.  :)   Anybody have any other
> ideas?   A little ball of 
> playdough poked onto the pyramid would make a pretty
> functional cap...

> Please look around your house and think about what
> else could be used for 
> Volcano caps!

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