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Re: [Icehouse] DIY Cloth Chessboard

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 22 Oct 2006 13:41:32 -0500
Well you can play volcano on a chessboard...

A cosmic coaster wouldn't be too hard (though it wouldn't look as cool), except the only fabric I have at the moment is the 2" chessboard stuff.

I was actually thinking of making cloth versions of the 90-120-120-30 [ee0r's] martian chess boards, but dying them/painting them would be troublesome (unless perhaps the pattern were silk screened and it just needed to be cut and hemmed). But I'm not going to get into mass-producing his stuff. Still, perhaps an Iron-on... except I don't have an ink-jet.

A set of martian coaster bags would be neat... (give them away to people with a treehouse tube and a set of the real coasters...)


On 10/22/06, Todd McCorkle <todd_mccorkle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sounds neat!  Random idea:  make one side a chess
board, and make the other side a different board.  My
first thought was a 5X5 volcano board, but it could be
anything (oooh, a cosmic coaster? might be tricky).

--- TheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I got some checkerboard (b&w) material with 2"
> squares, so I decided to make
> a chessboard bandanna... hmm.. I should post
> pictures...
> Anyways, I made the 8x8 board, then I had a whole
> bunch of material left
> over, so I decided to make some bags to hold beads
> and pyramids and stuff.
> And then my friend suggested that I make a bag that
> when it lies flat, is
> also a board. But by that point I'd already cut away
> the 8x8 section of
> material for the chess board and did not have the
> 16x8 I'd need to make a
> bag from it.
> But I did have enough material for two 4x4
> bag/boards... The first one
> turned out ok, except the stitching* needs some work
> and I need to cut some
> excess material from the inside.
> *I put them together using iron-on stitching called
> stitch-witchery... hence
> why it's weak in places. (I don't have a sewing
> machine, so the lady at the
> fabric place suggested it).
> Yeah, I'll have to get pictures.
> (the 4x4 bag with 2" squares seems the perfect size
> for game stuff... I'll
> have to find 1" square fabric to make an 8x8 board)
> -Evan Parker
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