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Re: [Icehouse] Zendo rules question

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 8 Dec 2006 11:44:36 -0600

On 12/8/06, Timothy Hunt <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ahh *lightbulb moment*
Because the students could have guessed
...if and only if it contains a single stack and the number of pips in
the stack is 3,4,5,6 where the top pyramid in the stack is red, blue,
green, yellow respectively.

and that would be deemed equivalent, as the master would not be able
to disprove it, and it removes any language dependency.

And here you have found the difficulty (wait... strike that)... the FUN of being a Master.  And where I often have the hardest time with Zendo.

I can have the best rule in my head, and a student can come up with a perfectly good rule guess that sounds NOTHING like what is in my head, but is SO right that it's amazing.  As in the above example.  It's also, I think, the place where new Masters can get tripped up.  You must have a totally open mind to accept the possibilities presented, and that's tough until you get the knack of it.

I'm a very black-and-white thinker - shades of grey are often hard for me to find (don't even ask about the rainbow hues of Zendo!) and I am AMAZED at the genius of this game.  It totally stretches my brain in areas that it doesn't easily go and is therefore really good for me to play.  

There's a page up somewhere about various rules and tips for being a Master, isn't there?  I know Timothy is really new to these lists, and we've talked about some of this before - has it been captured somewhere??

 - she who is in awe of Pace and Zuckerman and Josh K and all the other true Zendo masters out there...

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