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[Icehouse] (revisit to---) Rotationary Rules - is this it?

  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 9 Jan 2007 14:48:16 -0500
I have time to sit down with this again. I still don't get the difference between the pictures example and the written rules. The written rules are:

Pick one piece, and rotate it one 90° turn either clockwise or counterclockwise. Whatever piece it then points to is rotated 90° in the same direction.

Then, if the original piece is...

  • Small: Stop there
  • Medium: If the piece you just rotated (the "active piece") is pointing at another piece, then that piece is rotated 90° in the original direction. Stop there.
  • Large: Same as medium, but once more.

If at any point a piece is pointing at nothing (either the blank space on the grid or the edge of the board), the process stops. After you stop, you may make another move. Continue until all pieces are pointing in the same direction after all rotations are done. You win!


In the pictures example the large piece moves and then 3 peices AFTER it get moved. In the written rules it looks like the LArge gets moved and then TWO more....


Does the last peice moved start a new chain reaction?

This is what Ryan wrote in response last time, but I just can't make it fit the written rules that I read. -->

"If the piece you choose is a Small, you rotate that Small plus the _one_ that it now points to.
If the piece you choose is a Medium, you rotate that Medium plus _two_ more steps.
If the piece you choose is a Large, you rotate that Large plus _three_ more steps.

I can see how the rules as written can be a tad confusing.  The first additional rotate is mentioned in the "paragraph" above the Small/Medium/Large list.  Then the list adds zero for a small, one for a medium, and two for a large.

I hope this helps.



OOOHHHH WAIT!! I think I get it!!!

By "ORIGINAL PEICE" they do not meanthe FIRST peice I rotated, but the first piece that was rotated in reaction the piece I choose... is that it?


Kimberly-- who hates how stupid these games make me feel.....

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