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[Icehouse] Re: Idea for Looney Labs: Martian Coasters II?

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Jan 2007 09:38:49 -0700
Hear, hear, HEAR!

So what's this... the fifth time this has been mentioned since MC came out? 

I really think you folks at Looney should give this some thought, in particular 
now that there's a sort of "ground swell" for MC in general. I hereby volunteer 
to do the artwork, if you can provide me with source files from the original, 
Rainbow MC. I would simply alternate the colors (and borders) for their Xeno 
equivalents, and maybe do the inverted background idea.

All I'd need are source files and the color translations (i.e. the color in the 
Xeno set to which each color in the Rainbow set corresponds, in case it matters 
in the game layout, arrows, orientation dots, etc). I would return files in the 
same source format, and you'd need only setup another product line with your 
print provider and send them out. Of course, that in and of itself involves some 
costs and time, particularly if your provider uses traditional printing method 
and, thus, must make screens for each color. But, het, at least the cutting and 
packaging setup is identical. :)

Carol, didn't you say something about Rainbow selling 2:1 over Xeno? That ought 
to get you to a good target print run number. And it's pretty clear that folks 
on this list would snatch them up. ;)

C'mon everybody! Let's hear it!
"We want Xeno Coasters! We want Xeno Coasters! We want Xeno Coasters!"

David Artman