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[Icehouse] Re: Ikkozendo is now on the Wiki... and needs a final name (re-send)

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Jan 2007 10:15:13 -0700
--On Dec 20, 2006  Brad Weier <bweier at earthlink.net> wrote:
> My 2 cents: I'd keep the name tied closer to the Treehouse set by
> calling it "Zenhouse."

Refer back to the "single-stash versus Treehouse stash" clarifications 
in an earlier post: basically, while it might be good for marketing 
purposes (product identity), the game does not require a Treehouse stash. 
A monochrome stash would work fine, and the only loss is color-based 
relationships. Not to be a pedant, but still...

--On Dec 20, 2006  Kristin Looney kristin at looneylabs.com  wrote:
> Ooooh, I like that...  I also pinged Kory off list and asked him to
> join in on this conversation...

I would be honored if The Original Master (OM!) chimed in.

> Hey - has anyone else actually played this?  Does it work as well
> as it sounds like it might?

OK, it's time for confession. *cringes slightly, quick prayer, eyes down*

I invented this game while trying to demo Zendo using matchbooks at the 
pub. As I realized I would quickly run out of enough for any but the 
simplest rules, I had the insight to just tweak the existing, starter 
Koans and rely on player memory for a record of "proofs".

Don't hate me! EVERY time I have taught this, I have gone on to say 
something like, "Of course, this is merely the most beginner version 
of Zendo that I can think of, to teach--you really will LOVE it with 
proper Pyramids, as they allow for so many more relationships, due to 
their shape, sizes, colors, and stackabilty+transparency."

So, anyway, I have probably played this ten or fifteen different 
sessions at the pub (yeah, yeah, I drink too much). When I am actually 
being an Official Demo Rabbit, I *always* use Pyramids, and I *always* 
have both LL card catalogs and my FLGS's cards on-hand.

> Anyone reading this that is coming over to my house to play games
> tomorrow night...  I want to get in on some games of this...

So how did it go, for you? Too fast and light? Too hard to maintain 
memory of past disproofs of rule guesses? (The times I have taught 
this with REALLY hammered folks, I would occassionally get into "loops" 
of disproofs, as I switched the same Koan back and forth between two 
states, because the fools couldn't remember what they guessed last!)

Anyway, if I am not now a Benedict Rabbit, for teaching without 
Pyramids, please forgive me, and I will go buy a Treehouse stash to 
add to my Main Eleven, just to carry around for this game (and a few 
other single-stashers I like). I will do that, anyway, as penance....

But thanks again for showing an interest, and keep me informed of 
any inspirations or snags you encounter and I'll update the wiki.

David Artman