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Re: [Icehouse] A Zendo variant

  • From"Ryan McGuire" <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 13 Feb 2007 21:07:30 -0500
At first blush, I don't like the idea.

It DOES seem like it may lead to an (arguably) desireable result through most of the game, BUT I think it then breaks down in the end game. In many game recently (including those on Super Duper Games), I start a turn with one or two stones and just a small set of possible secret rules, given the expected level of the game. Then I need one last stone to really tie up a win. With the "safe" mondo rule in play, I mondo and then start my guess barrage.

With the "risky" mondo rule, on the other hand, what are my options? I could...
A) master, in which case I have less of a chance to win.
B) mondo and take my guess, in which case I have (for the sake of discussion) a 50% chance of going down in flames. C) mondo but abstain, which is merely an attempt to entice my opponents into betting an losing it all their current stones.

I could just start my guess barrage with the X-1 stones I have. Then not only do I have less of a chance of getting the rule on that turn, but I also have to reveal my line of reasoning, thus making more likely that one of my opponents will sudenly get it. That's dissatisfying.

Sure, I could just wait until next turn and build another koan that I hope will narrow down the possibilities more. But, if I interpret other messages in this thread correctly, speeding up the game is one of the motivations behind the introduction othe risky mondo. Giving me a reason to wait one more round of student turns means the game is acutally prolonged.

DISCLAIMER: This is all how it seems to me now, without having tried it. It may just be that the new rule leads to other changes that counterbalance what I currently see as disadvantages. I'll try it when I get a chance.


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For any Zendo fans out there interested in trying an experiment, I've been thinking about a "risky" variant of the Mondo rule in Zendo. Here's the idea:

When someone calls Mondo, you may answer with a black or white stone, or secretly abstain by putting neither stone in your fist. When you abstain, you get nothing either way. If you answer correctly, you get one guessing stone. If you answer incorrectly, you lose all your guessing stones.

I haven't had a chance to try this yet. If anyone else feels like giving it a whirl, please post back to the list and tell us how it went!

-- Kory

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