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Re: [Icehouse] Trehouse set v. single stash

  • From"Frank F. Smith" <FrankSmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 05 Apr 2007 15:12:15 -0400
David Artman wrote:
SO, how about these revisions:

* If the game uses no more than 15 pieces, and color is irrelevant ***or
the use of opaques hinders play***, then it's "single stash."

* If the game uses no more than 15 pieces, and color is relevant or is
***critical*** to distinguish piece ownership during play, then it's
"Treehouse set."

Closer? Or do you have a set of counter-definitions that "hook into"
simpler ways to distinguish?
Maybe a third category would help? Something like:
Where Stash = a set of 15 pyramids, 5 of each size

"Standard Stash" -- playable with any stash. Color irrelevant, opacity irrelevant.
"Treehouse Set" -- playable with a Treehouse set.
"Special Stash" -- playable with <=15 pyramids but requires additional specifications.

So "standard stash" is a subset of "treehouse". _Any_ of the pre-Treehouse monochrome stashes or a Treehouse set will work. "Treehouse Set" games that are not also "Standard Stash" rely on some feature of the Treehouse set, either a mix of colors or a single nest of opaques. "Special Stash" games cannot be played with a Treehouse set or an arbitrary monochrome stash -- but might work with _some_ monochrome stashes. (E.g., a game that requires all opaque or all transparent, or two to four opaque nests. Maybe <= 15 pyramids but a different distribution of sizes.) I imagine these games are relatively rare.

The Special Stash category doesn't feel _quite_ right to me. Vaguely paraphyletic, but might be useful anyway.

Frank F. Smith


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