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Re: [Icehouse] Choosing Games wiki page--The First Elitism for Looney Games?

  • From"Melissa Parish" <beautifulfool@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Apr 2007 11:21:59 -0500
Aiee... I will admit that my tone was a bit harsh, but it was not intended to be a personal attack.  The "you" and "yourself" was intended to be a general "call to action" so that anyone reading this could get motivated to fix some of their issues with the wiki.  It got Don to go create an account, right?

Seeking opinions is a great idea.  However, at some point, you just need to make a decision and go with it.  Waiting around for consensus could take a long time.  Like Don said, no one's going to hate your idea sooo much that they'd be willing to revert it.  I'm sure most people are going to be "hey, that's a great idea" and go with it.

~ Melissa

On 4/13/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
(From Wiki Admin thread)
>No one reads talk pages:  Not true on WP.

True on Icehousegames.org. In general, if I say "the wiki" I mean that
site, NOT wikis in general.

>"wow, that's a great idea", but no one DID ANYTHING.  The whole
>point of a wiki is that anyone can edit it.  So, once you think of a good
>idea, GO DO IT.  No whining that nothing got done.  Go fix it yourself.

A) "Whining" is pejorative. Persuasion through insulting one's target is
rarely effective; it IS, however, effective at attacking one's target,
if one's goal is to make a third-person (audience) treat the target as

2) Maybe Wikipedia is faster and looser; but I treat the participants
and designers on Icehousegame.org with more respect. That's why I
sought opinions on categories. That's why I tried tuning definitions of
categories until they made everyone happy (still awaiting a response of
Yay or Nay from the majority--whoever that is). That's why I haven't
gone ahead and built up the five or so new Categories I proposed and
started retagging everyone's pages.

Also) From what I've gathered, folks on IHG are happier if they can
control how their games sort/are tagged/etc. Plus, it's easier to get
group approval and then all make changes in tandem, than it is to comb
through the whole site by oneself.

IV) Yep, this could all be on the wiki, even in some (new, never before
used, probably never checked) higher-order pages, but why? 90% of the
people actually DOing stuff on the IHG wiki ARE on this list. 100% of
the folks on this list design or play Icehouse games; thus, 100% of
them have a vested interest in decisions made about their primary
resource for new and improved games.

Fin) How did your post above help, exactly? You and Tom both are really
big on the "GO DO IT" thing when, surely, you recognize that I COULD go
do it at a whim... unless I am explicitly asking for help. GO check the
Recent Changes page and you'll see that, yes, I am QUITE capable and
willing to make wiki changes. WHEN I am sure they won't be undone,
unappreciated, or down-right rude.


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