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[Icehouse] Re: Ice Game Design Competition 2007

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Apr 2007 11:33:43 -0700
Fair enough on not making "affordability" or alignment with the current
LL product line a requirement for the games--though I sincerely hope
the voters keep that as a strong influence on their rankings.

I agree with Carlton, however, that a theme competition (where theme
isn't a purely mechanical requirement, like "use Volcano Caps") isn't
necessarily restrictive or even likely to result in several identical
games. Many times, the theming will be simply flavor--much like all the
"Martian" games, for which martianess certainly is not a mechanical
element. I'd say the more abstracted the theme terms, the more likely
folks will latch onto them in wild and interesting ways. Also, the Iron
Game Chef contest typically offers two sets of four terms, and one picks
which three terms from ONLY ONE of the sets that one will use. (Plus,
not all Icehouse games are board games.)

As for award logos/graphics, I would just put out a call for submissions
and then let folks vote on their favorites. I'd recommend keeping them
around 100px x 100px, so they aren't too obtrusive. Of course, someone
has to (permanently!) host them, for them to show on the (broken) wiki.
I'd might be nice to also have a 10px x 10px version of each, for adding
to links to the games, as opposed to the large graphic, which should
only be used on the game's main page.

RE: 1 game per person may be entered in each of the two contests - I see
why you'd want that (avoid spamming fifty lame games, trying to get a
win), but it also seems less "open." Brian's "voter self-correcting"
notion will tend to make someone lose, who spams games: voters won't
slog through five games from one designer, if the first couple are poor

RE: entry for the 2nd contest of the year closes prior to announcing the
winner of the previous contest - That sort of clashes with the idea of
"can resubmit" for open and themed: how could I know I should resubmit
if I don't know if I've won or lost, yet? Surely, a game can't *win*
both contests, right? What were you really wanting from this?

Finally, I wonder if we might consider having more than one
winner/winning category, for each competition? Have folks rank games in
the following Awards:
* Most Fun To Play
* Most Innovative
* Best Presentation
* Grand Champion

We could even have that be the "primaries" folks have proposed, if
there's a lot of game submissions: only the top two or three in any
given minor category are considered for the Grand Champion award (which
involves another round of voting). Of course, that's more icons for
Award ribbons/stars/logos. :)

So... on to specifics....

WHEN we gonna open submissions?
WHERE will submissions have to go--wiki, e-mail to organizer, wiki +
notify organizer, wiki with the [[Category:2007Contest]] tag?
HOW long between start and end--when does submission acceptance end and
voting begin?
WHAT are admissible games--I am curious if a derivative game would be
admitted, like Ikkozendo?

Thanks, all;