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[Icehouse] SLICK v Icehousegames.org

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Jul 2007 09:36:49 -0700
Thinking about the whole Rabbit Wiki v Icehousegames Wiki made me suddenly ask myself, "What about SLICK? Why is it still around?"

* SLICK is at a Looney-maintained site, so it's as persistent as the whole company.
* SLICK is not a wiki, so it's maintained internally only, by the (very busy, shorthanded) company.

* Icehousegames.org has a TON more games than SLICK.
* SLICK seems to have some games that are NOT on the wiki and need to be "ported" to it.

* SLICK is VERY old and its game rules are probably obsolete, for games also on Icehousegame.org and being polished there but not copied back to SLICK.
* SLICK could be considered a historical artifact (more so, if a link to Icehousegame.org is right at the top, clarifying that IHG.org is the actual "place to be" now).

* SLICK is mentioned in older news articles--yep, that post about the BBC coverage of Icehouse reminded me of dear old dottering SLICK. But HTML *does* support the REDIRECT tag, to bounce folks straight to the IHG.org Wiki, if SLICK is completely dismantled (after porting extra games over).

Thoughts, folks?