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RE: [Icehouse] SLICK v Icehousegames.org

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Jul 2007 08:25:57 -0700
Just 2.37¢ more:

* I would preserve SLICK as-is, where it is, because it is referenced on other (older) sites and web pages.

* That said, you can do a timed redirect, so that it will hold on the page, say, for 10 seconds before firing the redirect to the wiki. (IIRC, if you press Escape or click Stop in time, that redirect will not fire.) The link to the wiki provides a "fast exit" for folks who don't want to wait.

* There *are* games on SLICK that have to be moved to the wiki, so if you must "kill" it (instant redirect, move, etc) then wait a bit until we have a chance to comb it.

* Changing the "tone" of the wiki's welcome/warning page is a matter of registering and clicking Edit.

* To change the root index page (i.e. not /wiki/), you'd have to ask Mike (MiSuBa on the wiki)... but I concur that the root page should be an instant redirect until there's more there than one link (to the wiki).

* SLICK as a name for the wiki would be a bit incoherent, as the wiki is not "Sortable". Also, the word "Icehouse" (even with the qualifier "Kindred") is problematic. Which makes me want to ask a follow-up:

? Kristin or Andy (or whomever): What is your thinking on the whole "Icehouse" versus "Treehouse" thing, in general?
me) In practice, for myself, I am trying to consistently refer to them as "pyramids" or "Looney Labs pyramids" rather than either "Icehouse" or "Treehouse," "pyramids" or "pieces" (for example, in convention blurbs or in Pocket Pyramids [pending]).

pro) Trying to re-brand across the Internet is unfeasible (e.g changing all domain names and references), but we can focus on a consistent nomenclature going forward. So, for instance, on the ICEHOUSEgames.org, we can clarify with verbiage like "Currently sold as Treehouse--formerly as Icehouse, Zendo, and IceTowers--Looney Labs pyramids are the first unique gaming device invented since the playing card and may...."

con) Failure to emphasize "Treehouse" whenever referencing the pieces could cause a new player to have trouble finding them in their FLGS or online: "pyramid," after all, is FAR from a unique term.


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